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How To Redeem Your Voucher

1. When can I redeem my voucher once I have purchased it?
You may begin to redeem your voucher immediately after your purchase, unless otherwise stated in the fine print at the original point of purchase.

2. What happens if I processed my voucher online before the date specified?
Do not worry. Your order is safe with us. However, the order will not be processed until the date specified by the deal.  An email will be sent to confirm your voucher order.

3.  Is my order subject to sales tax?
This will depend on the specific offer that you purchased.  If it was purchased with taxes included, there will be no additional tax added.  If the offer did not include tax, then at checkout you will have the opportunity to pay the appropriate tax rate for your state/province.

4. How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
Shipping is included in the cost of the item. Priority shipping may be available for an additional cost. Handling is an extra fee depending on the product size, form, and weight, unless otherwise stated in your offer details.

5. How long does shipping take?
Shipping will taken between 3-5 weeks from the date you redeem your voucher, however, please be advised that delays may occur due to customs. Further, your order may also arrive in less than 3 weeks, depending on destination and season. Please refer to our "shipping" section for more details.

6. I purchae more than 1 (one) voucher. What should I do?
You may redeem one voucher per transaction. Therefore, if you purchased multiple vouchers, you much redeem each one separately. 

7. How do I redeem my voucher?

Redeeming Instructions:

1. Find your product in our store (you may use our convenient search bar).
2. Add to Cart.
3. Click >> Proceed to Checkout (bottom right).
4. Enter your billing / shipping details.
5. Enter Coupon Code >> you must click apply coupon.
6. Click >> Place Order Now (you must first accept and check off "Terms & Conditions")To redeem 1 voucher at  a time please follow the simple steps below:

Please review all your details carefully to ensure that you have typed your billing and shipping details correctly. 

8. What is my discount code?

Please look for the email or on your online account info from the website that you initially purchased from.  They would have given your a Coupon or Voucher code that you can use to redeem.  If your code is not showing as valid at check out, please make sure it is the correct code.  You may contact the company you ordered from to verify your correct code.  If the code still does not work please email